Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Uggh. I can't believe it's been so long since we've blogged. I was really digging it and then just suddenly got sick of hearing myself talk. I'm still waiting for Allie to do another update (hint, hint). I feel like my feelings of productivity come in waves. Lately, I haven't wanted to do anything.

We've been pretty busy lately. I've been working hard on finishing a zine about our cat Macky for the upcoming Portland Zine Symposium. Allie is supposed to do a zine too, but is stalling so far. She has been quite busy making cards, which she'll put up on her Etsy store someday soon.

Speaking of Macky, the poor thing has been really sick lately and is only now getting better...He's an old cat and really looks the part.

The weekend before last we saw I Love You, Man in the theatres, went to a birthday/graduation party, and went out to dinner with family.

This last weekend , we saw the Grey Gardens musical, which was very good. I even shed a little tear. Several actors were cast in multiple roles and the most ingenious casting decision was to have the woman who played the young mother in the first act, play the old daughter in the second act. It really brought home how the daughter suffered the same fate of loneliness and crushed dreams as the mother (but at least they had each other). It was a really funny and moving play.

We also went to the wedding of our friends Julia & Brody. It was a very sweet, nice wedding and we were busy celebrating it from 230pm to 1200pm Saturday.

Our friend Jesse did the following diary strip about the wedding day, featuring Allie and me:

You can read more of his awesome diary here.

Anyhow, I have half of another blog ready to go. I've been working on it a couple weeks now. Hopefully, I'll post that soon. I'd also like to preview my Macky Cat zine. Hopefully, you'll hear from us soon.


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