Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sunny Sunday

This Sunday was an amazingly nice day. Jeremy and I started the day early by opening up at Guapo at 8am. We left at 11am, went to the library and then I insisted that I needed to get some lime beer.

I have really been into this beer called "Miller Chillada Style." It basically tastes like someone put a whole mess of lime in your beer. So after the library we went to Fred Meyer's and I went in search of my beer.
Unfortunately, they seemed to have quit making Chillada in the big bottle it used to come in and instead they have made it into this light beer that only comes in a 6 pack. I definitely do not need that many. I just wanted one. So I settled for margarita flavored wine coolers. Then Jeremy and I picked up some peach mango salsa and headed home for lunch.

Once home, we played boggle, drank our wine coolers, and munched on chips and salsa outside on our back patio. For lunch we ate leftover carrot peanut soup and jicama mango chicken salad I had made the night before. Our cat Ouija joined us outside and we all hung out on the grass in the nice weather. Very relaxing.
Everyone enjoying the sun.
Ouija is actually happy. She always looks mad.

Jeremy and Ouija

Jeremy and Ouija do a little gardening.

Ouija poses for her next line of inspirational cat posters. She was thinking of the caption for this one to be either "Keep Your Dreams Alive." or "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow."

Then I got to work giving Pecan (one of our rabbits) a bath and a new hair cut for the hot weather. After that I put Pecan's harness on him and tethered him out in the yard so he could hop, jump and nibble on clover.

This is a picture of Pecan on alert after he heard a dog bark.

Once it grew dark Jeremy and I settled in for turkey burgers and a couple of episodes of one of our favorite shows, "The Wire."

Overall it was a great day, though the next day I woke up SO sore from the yard work and all the weird angles I was in to give Pecan a bath and cut his hair.

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