Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pretty flowers

We spent a lot of this Sunday working on our yard. I only had time to mow the front yard though before the weather changed and I got rained out. One minute I was weeding in the sun, wearing a t-shirt, the next minute I was getting pelted by hail. I love Oregon weather!

Here's some pictures I took of the dogwood tree in our front yard. It's still flowering but doesn't look quite so lustrous anymore. The pictures are about a week old.

I'm getting a little better at using Allie's camera as evidenced by these photos (look at my pics from the book sale to see my previous attempts).

I didn't get around to tearing out the carpet in our house like I had promised myself. I was way to beat from working extra at Guapo for Free Comic Book Day. I hope to post about that event soon...


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