Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I want these! (awesome CDs)

The newest album by Ian Svenonius just came out and I can't wait to get it! Svenonius is the leader of the bands Nation Of Ulysses, Make-Up, Scene Creamers, and Weird War. Now he has a new band, Chain & The Gang.

Check out this awesome album cover!!

I love how low-budget and old-fashioned it looks. Svenonious makes great music which sounds like 60s psych and rock meets 80s punk, with a lot of Sly Stone style soul thrown in as well.

I also really want to get this

which is an album of garage rock and pre-punk recorded by a black power trio in 1975 but never released until early this year.

I'm hoping to sell a bunch of my old CDs in the next few weeks so I can pick these up sometime soon.


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