Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting things done!

As Allie mentioned, this past weekend was great, productive and relaxing. Friday night I saw the new Star Trek (which I liked, but not as much as I had hoped). Saturday we worked at the store and cleaned the house, and Sunday--I tore the carpet out of Allie's room!

Here are some "before" pictures of the bedroom with nasty, brown carpet.

Here's Ouija helping me pull carpet. She's my little shadow, and follows me around like a dog.

Here's Ouija helping me move Allie's dresser out of the way.

Once the room was cleared out the work wasn't really bad. I was having terrible allergies however, which was only exacerbated by all the dust from the carpet.

I got to listen to music all day, which is a rare occurrence. I put on the following: M.I.A.: Kala, Amy Winehouse: Back In Black, The Rolling Stones: Beggar's Banquet, Esquivel: Space Age Bachelor Pad Music, The Delfonics: The Sound Of Sexy Soul, and The Ventures: Live In Japan '65. Except for the M.I.A., these were all albums I burned off of my computer Saturday. I actually filled the thing with so many mp3s that I can't add any more (the memory is full). I'm trying to clear out space so I can import copies of the CDs I want to sell.

Here are some "after" photos.

It's obvious that at some point someone painted the walls, knowing carpeting was going in. So they didn't bother to keep paint off the hardwood. The floors are in great shape otherwise and they'll look great once we refinish them. I just have two closets and a bedroom left to go and then we'll be carpet free!


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