Monday, April 27, 2009

Our weekend of books and chores

This was a really satisfying weekend.

We went out to eat twice (I feel a little guilty about this indulgence), watched two movies on DVD, worked at Guapo, went to an awesome book sale and did lots of house work.

Friday night we went out to Chevy's Mexican Restaurant for the first time (not very authentic). I did really like the chips and salsa though and we ran into friends right before we left.

Once we got home we watched Fast Food Nation by Richard Linklater and the documentary Life After Tomorrow about what it was like for all the little girls in the Broadway and touring shows of Annie to star in it and move on from it. I recommend the documentary if you are a fan of the musical.

Saturday we went out for dinner at the India Oven on 34th and Belmont with our friends Aron and Ariel. It was pretty good and I could go there again. I've been looking for an Indian restaurant in town to call my own...

Sunday morning, our friends Dylan and Emily picked us up and drove us out to Gresham for a Portland Library book sale. It was day two of the sale and everything was half off! We're all a bunch of book nerds so we were in heaven. I found six books for myself, 24 books to sell at Guapo, and Allie must have gotten 12 or so books for herself. All for 37 bucks.

Here's a photo of the six I got

and here's a picture including Allie's score.

These photos are annoyingly blurry. I couldn't figure out Allie's camera when I took them. I'm tempted to retake them but I already put the books away.

One distasteful aspect of the book sale was watching all the speculators. I guess these days you can buy scanners, scan in book bar codes and see how much they're worth. In this way, you can find all the valuable books (with barcodes) without having any knowledge about them. It's cool technology but saddens me as a book lover. We ourselves resell books we find at these places, but we pick them based on our experience, taste, and love for books. Not like the one guy I saw methodically scanning an entire row of books, looking only at their "value" on the scanner, uninterested in even the author or title of the book. Having someone plunder all the rare books also makes it less likely that Joe Schmo and Jane Plain (??) can luck across something of value.

Once we got home Sunday, we busted our butts cleaning the house. Cleaning, organizing, and remodelling our house is an endless project and when we actually have time to work on it, it's very gratifying. I took four and half boxes of junk to Goodwill and tentatively started ripping out the rest of our carpet. A couple of years ago we tore out the carpet from our bedroom, the hallway, and the living room to expose the hardwood floors. We left carpet in two bedrooms and a closet. Yesterday, I got started on finishing this off and tore the carpet out of the closet (which admittedly was pretty easy). We have to clean out the bedrooms before I can do the rest and I'm hoping to get one of them done this coming weekend. I'm pretty motivated to do this, as we're planning on refinishing our floors this summer.

I'm feeling charged up for the week, and hope we can keep this productivity going.


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