Thursday, March 26, 2009

What have we been doing?

Every Monday I tell myself I'm going to write another blog up here and talk about our weekend and every Monday I get distracted and don't do it. We've been going to the movies, visiting family, partying with friends and more.

We went rollerskating for a friend's birthday party. Despite the fact that I haven't been skating for 15 or so years, I did pretty good and felt pretty comfortable. I only fell when I decided to teach myself to stop properly by using the toe of the skate. It was a disaster and I fell on my right hand. It started hurting so badly that I eventually decided to go to the emergency room. Our friend mentioned this event in a diary comic here. Almost two weeks later, it still hurts a little, but in the end it was just a light sprain.

These days we are getting ready for the Stumptown Comics fest in April. We have a party to plan for it, a table to set up for selling, a cat trophy that Allie's making, and an interview/panel moderation for which I will have to prepare. I'll be interviewing the fabulous cartoonist Hellen Jo.

We're also VERY close to launching a Guapo Comics web store and are putting the finishing touches on our inventory count/revisions.

I keep telling myself I'm going to finish this one zine project I've been working on--maybe this weekend. I'll post pics of it when it's done.


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