Monday, February 16, 2009

Sometimes a negative can be a positive.

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of two dresses from Target. What really sold me on the dresses were a couple of negative reviews at the website.
They included:

"it is cute but so hard to make it NOT look like a I might be obsessed with Julie Andrews."


"Are you ready to be a maid??

Honestly, this is the perfect dress for someone wanting to dress up as a maid. It's poofy in the skirt, and if taken up a little bit would be the perfect overskirt for someone dressing goth-lolita (it even has a lace petticoat o_O).
All you need is a puffy sleeved shirt!!!"

Well, puffy and poofy are my favorite kinds of dresses, and I just might be obsessed with Julie Andrews wardrobe in the "Sound of Music." I have always loved those curtain dresses she makes for the Von Trapp fam.

Here is the dress. I guess we'll see.

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