Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rock Rock Rockaway Beach

Last weekend we stayed at our favorite local beach in Rockaway, Oregon. The weather was great there. I don't think it rained once.

It also happened to be Valentine's weekend. I received some nice gifts from Jeremy.
Two pairs of earrings.
He said he couldn't decide between the two pairs so the lady made him a deal for both. He got them at Gold Door on Hawthorne (a place that is probably the easiest bet to find a present I'll like).
One pair is silver and onyx.The other pair is one of my favorite gems- amber.

We also visited the Tillamook Dairy to eat free cheese samples and get delicious ice cream. Jeremy for some reason always insists on taking pictures of us eating ice cream here.

Jeremy opted for the orange sherbet/vanilla bean combo.

Here I am mocking Jeremy's need for ice cream photos. I chose my old standard -Bubble Gum.

We also took home our usual Tillamook Dairy loot.

The delicious sharp cheddar spread (that we have only been able to find at the Dairy), extra sharp cheddar cheese, and some cheese curds for Jeremy's parents.

All in all, it was great to get away. Jeremy even made me watch a sunset.


  1. Thank you, Jeremy, for insisting on the picture-taking, and thank you, Allie, for mocking him. We got such a kick out of both that we made your entry our Post of the Day at Stop by and find out what else we find amusing if you get a moment, or feel free to post your photos on Tillamook's Facebook page:
    Jake Ten Pas
    Tillamook Cheese Fan Club

  2. So I finally found you! = ) Beautiful pictures of the sure does make me miss it.

    You and Jeremy are so dang cute together it's almost disgusting. I'm digging Jeremy's long hair and you look gorgeous as always.

    That Tillamook extra sharp cheddar in the black an absolute staple in our house. They sell it at our Costco.