Friday, February 27, 2009

Coraline in 3-D

Last Sunday we saw Coraline in theatres. I wanted to mention it earlier in but it's really been a busy week.

We haven't seen a first run movie in the theatre in ages but we just had to go see Coraline as Sunday was the last day it was playing in 3-D in Portland. The tickets were extra expensive, but we were given these cool Roy Orbison looking glasses. I had never seen a 3-D movie before but it was a great experience. It's hard to describe how different it was. There was just a much greater depth of field.

The movie itself was really enjoyable. I usually won't watch a kids or all ages movie in theatres (except Miyazaki) because there's something unfulfilling about them, even movies by the likes of Pixar. Coraline did not leave me with this empty feeling. It was "edgy" for a kids move and had terrific animation.

Coraline is the first feature movie by the Portland animation studio Laika. Seeing it really filled me with hometown pride. We've briefly met several people involved in making Coraline, and one of the cameramen for it is a customer of ours at Guapo. Laika is also a client of the law firm I work at for my day job.

I dig stop-animation and have been a fan of it since the days when I was a kid and Laika was Will Vinton Sstudios and I would watch the California Raisins, Claymation Christmas, and the PJ's with my dad (I also loved Ray Harryhausen's stuff). I hope Coraline opens the door for Laika to make a lot more movies.

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